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Dark Chocolate Mixed Berry FUNbark


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"Making Chcocolate FUN & Affordable"

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Dark Chocolate Mixed Berry FUNbark

Dark Chocolate Orange FUNbark

Is it Fudge or Is it Bark?

The Ultimate Question? Is it fudge or is it bark?  This is what makes this so unique and with rich flavor to satisfy your cravings. These are original recipes and our idea was to create something that was unique and that was the birth of FUNbark. It is a hybrid chocolate that has taken a few years to perfect, the ingredients are what dictate if it has that fudge flavor or the bark consistency.  Ken and Tammy of the Scarlet Elf wants to share this amazing gift with the world because YOU truly do deserve a guilty pleasure.  Most of the FUNbark are gluten free and always without added preservatives.

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Dark Chocolate

Mixed Berry

Call it what you want; it's our pleasure to meet your Guilty Pleasure, but we call it FUNbark

Scarlet Elf


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Cookies are a favorite of ours as well. Currently there are six cookies that we have identified as being the best of the best, but we are always testing new recipes.  You may enjoy them with coffee, tea, or with Santa's favorite, milk.

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FUNbark comes in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate. There are many different flavors and varieties to choose from. They are rich, decadent, and a world apart from other chocolates. The best part is that FUNbark has no extra added preservatives and most are gluten free.  We add no extra sugars as well, so the ingredients will dictate the texture you receive.  

So grab a coffee, tea, or whatever beverage you enjoy and see how they pair up with FunBark. We guarantee your taste buds will have fun with FUNbark. 

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Not FUNbark, But Just as FUN............

We also offer other guilty pleasures that are just as good as FUNbark. Please head over to our Shop to see what more that we can offer. 


                           These are a few of our custom requests

All of Scarlet Elf items are hand-crafted to ensure that proper love is given to our products.  We ensure that our products are made with the best ingredients possible. 

We take pride in ourselves to deliver a quality product with quality people! The proof is in the taste!  

Fresh, Made to Order, and Shipped to you as quickly as possible to ensure freshness. Typically Ships within 3 days. 

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